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To know how to enabled Asp.Net Routing on your web site, visit this page :

When Asp.Net Routing is enabled you have to :
  1. Referer mal.Web.Routing.dll in your web site
  2. Add the following section group in the web.config :

<sectionGroup name="RouteConfigurationGroup">
    <section name="RouteConfiguration" type="mal.Web.Routing.RouteSection, mal.Web.Routing" allowLocation="true" allowDefinition="Everywhere"/>
  1. Configure routes :
            <add Name="url1" Uri="url1" MappedUri="~/default.aspx"/>
            <add Name="url2" Uri="url2/{culture}" MappedUri="~/default.aspx">
                    <add Name="culture" Value="en-US"/>
                    <add Name="culture" Value="(en-US|fr-FR)"/>
           <add Name="url3" Uri="url2/{culture}/{id}" MappedUri="~/default.aspx"/>
  1. Initialize routes in the Application_Start in Global.asax :
protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)

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